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Course description

Learn the tested blueprint that has raised millions of dollars through rewards based crowdfunding (Kickstarter and Indiegogo).

The ‘everything-included’ course with clear step-by-step instructions and tactics. We mean it. Literally we show you each step. Where to start all the way through going live.
It is the best-in-class system to successfully hit your funding goal on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
— No matter if you have zero professional experience.
— Even if you don’t have any following or customers.
— Even if you have nothing besides just an idea.
— You don't have to learn it all to get started, we teach you the "blueprint" you need to know as we take you step by step to your goal!

— In our "bonus plan" you have 3 different touch points to get feedback from us.

— We are proud members of the Crowdfunding Professional Association and stand by the quality and integrity of our content. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we are happy to offer you 1 week no-questions asked money back guarantee.

The options you have for getting help with your campaign:

Here at Purple Spread, we’ve done all of the above. We know every individual or team running a crowdfunding campaign is different. Everybody needs help in different ways, so you really need to figure out what works best for you.

That being said, we truly believe we've created the single best resource out there for crowdfunding in our program.

It is nothing short of thousands of hours of effort, many heated arguments between us founders on the best tactics, and a single dogged devotion to quality. It’s something we’re personally incredibly proud of and wouldn’t put our name on if we didn’t deeply believe in.

At the end of all of this we developed "The Ultimate Crowdfunding Blueprint" and are so excited to share it with you!

What does "Blueprint" mean?

Purple Prep is the tested step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to quickly seize control of your project, create a compelling brand story, build a devoted following of fans, and successfully crowdfund your project so you can finally start working on what matters to you.

The way we work is simple.

We have identified the most critical steps to running a crowdfunding campaign and a highly efficient order to run them in. The course is taught in the same order as the steps you need to take.

This allows you to:

  • Get started on day 1 with work that begins driving you towards your goal.
  • Feel less overwhelmed by all the information that there is to take in and focus on doing well the things you need to do now.
  • Have the energy to deep dive into a topic. We don't just tell you that you need a fan club - we go deep with you to show you how to build a landing page, how to use mail chimp and how to structure your communication to your fan club! Others only scrape the surface by telling you that you need a fan club - by taking you one step at a time - we go deep with you and show you how.

Included inside you will find over 40+ instructional videos, case-study breakdowns of million dollar campaigns, ready-to-use scripts and comprehensive handbook summarizing all material. It has been intentionally designed to push you to take action and provide you with absolute clarity. It’s yours forever, no limitations.

How do we get personalized help?

If you sign up for the bonus course, you will have 3 opportunities to interact with our team. We will provide instructions for emailing us your content and we will review it in 2 business days or less!

1. We will evaluate your branding documents to make sure you are off to a strong start.

2. We will review your theme and story before you waste any money on production.

3. When you are ready for launch, you can email us your campaign page and we will provide feedback. For those that have followed our process and taken our feedback, we will pass it along to contacts at Kickstarter and Indiegogo as well.

"I'm very impressed by the work the Purple Spread team has put into simplifying complex topics into an easily digestible set of videos and accompanying worksheets. I also appreciate the candor with which they describe what crowdfunding is NOT and when it might be appropriate to find another channel to support your business. As a marketing executive for the past 8 years, I haven't found a more comprehensive view of go to market strategy and execution for new business on any other platform"

Elizabeth Brigham - Digital Product Development and E-Commerce Strategy - Chicago, IL

What's the secret?

This program has been crafted from our team’s successful crowdfunding experience, the collective learnings of other successful campaign owners, and tested tactics from insider specialists. Our campaigns collectively raised over a million dollars and have been featured in:

There’s no need to listen to us, just look at our results compared to everybody else.

After rigorously studying thousands of campaigns, we discovered an astonishing revelation:

As it turns out, there's a pattern to the massive successes compared to the massive failures.

How hard could it be to get two things right, especially now that we just gave them to you for free?

Well - with 64% of campaigns being unsuccessful, harder than you would think!

The failure groups are run by people who naively think crowdfunding is just about making a great video, pressing launch, and then waiting for the money to start rolling in. It’s crazy. They don’t perform a most of the critical steps that all hugely successful campaigns do, and that’s why they go nowhere. The campaigns that reach 10x their funding goal know its about a lot more than just hoping it will ‘go viral’.

We’re here to show you exactly how they blew past their funding goals. We want to show you the specific tactics you need to use because we genuinely want to see more great ideas come to life around the world.

"Thank you for providing such a great course! The course starts by laying out marketing and branding fundamentals - very useful for those trying to build a new product. The course takes students step by step to build up their knowledge about crowdfunding. The various examples used help the audience to really understand the difference between marketing and crowdfunding.

Purple Spread made it very easy to follow through clear course structure and supporting materials.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in crowdfunding or new product launch."

Huifang Schulenburg - Boardat - Shanghai, China

If the secret is out there - how are you different?

We teach you not only why it matters - but step-by-step how to do it and how to make the most of your time and money while you are doing it. We go into more detail than any other course on crowdfunding taught online.

Plus, we make sure, using check-in points, that you are on the right track the whole way.

From the beginning, we’ve been committed to create the world’s best resource for crowdfunding. We really mean the best. As we’ve outlined above, there’s plenty of other options out there. You can buy that $4 ebook or volume-churned $20 online course, but we all know what happens afterwards. You’re excited, you go through it, learn things that seem interesting on the surface, but then ultimately nothing happens. You’re no closer to achieving your goal because that was just ‘content’.

We’ve designed our program psychologically to ensure you take action — from the way we’ve structured the system all the way to how each step has been ordered.

Among us cofounders, we have had many heated arguments over building this course. From what is the absolute best tactic to use, to how we can teach these skills more effectively. Tears have been shed because this is how much it matters to us. It probably sounds lame to most people, but for us, we just care about making the best.

So, who are you people?

Our Story:
We created Purple Spread after seeing too many of our friends pour their life’s energy to launch their products into the world, only to receive silence in return. It sucked. We’ve seen that there’s little glory in failure — it mostly just hurts. So we dished out advice and our learnings to all those who would listen. But people were still getting stuck all the time.

The next thing we new, we were running workshops, two-day bootcamps, speaking at big events like CES Asia, and consulting individually for teams. But as hard as we tried, we couldn’t help as many teams as we wanted to. And that is really where our devotion lies – helping as many teams realize their dream of launching some epic new idea into the world as possible.

This left us to doggedly pursue our new goal: to create the single best resource in the entire world for crowdfunding — bar none. We want to ‘unstick’ as many creators as possible and move them from “I have an idea” to “I’m launched in the world!”

Right now, you probably feel crowdfunding is beyond confusing.

We know because we were there once. My story is particularly painful. When I started off, I thought: “I have 10 years of marketing experience, a super fancy MBA and enough self confidence to fill a room — I can knock this out of the park!” Fast-forward past countless hours of research and many months of effort, in the end, my campaign failed. Badly.

Even though I had a sexy and press-worthy product, my first crowdfunding campaign only raised $5,000 USD.

While others sell false dreams about how easy it is to make money, it’s just not true. We don’t do that. The truth is, crowdfunding is hard and I learned that first-hand. After sulking around a bit (ok, a lot) and nurturing my bruised ego, I decided to look back to see what went wrong.

You might relate to some of the above. Those are some really painful lessons that I’m glad I learned. Multiple successful campaigns later, I realized that crowdfunding is not what it seems. This image of a creator with a brilliant idea working late nights and suddenly being made rich overnight by Kickstarter was an illusion. Sure, it happens. But we’re talking about one in a million.

I realized something better than luck: there was a specific methodology that you can follow which makes your success predictable before even pressing launch.

What's included?

‘The Purple Prep "Crowdfuning Blueprint" is a systematic approach that teaches you a tested crowdfunding blueprint that works.

We take you step-by-step through all of the work that it takes to complete the most critical milestones that every campaign should hit BEFORE they go live.

The consolidation of industry best practices and the collective experience of millions of dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It is the single best system that will maximises your chance of successfully funding. And, as you will see below, we include dozens of bonus resources that are constantly updated to keep the course as up to date as possible in an ever changing environment.

Inside you will get:

"This Purple Spread course shares insights on how to build a foundation for your startup's brand and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. Fundraising is an issue that all startups deal with and I'm thankful to Purple Spread for putting together a course that helps us succeed at that. Thanks!"

Eliott Brannon - CEO Small World LLC - Ann Arbor, MI

What went into this course?

This is not some e-book or consolidation of blog articles that you can Google. To explain 18 months of work and thousands of dollars that went into building this program would be excessive, but here is some of what went into this premium system:


$700,000k+ Raised

11x their fundig goal

900+ Backers!

In September 2016, we met a team that had an amazing product but needed funds to get it manufactured. They were pretty unclear on how to explain the project clearly and they had differing opinions on what its main value was. On top of that, they were confused on how to use crowdfunding.

So, doing what we do best, we took them through our crowdfunding system and the difference was massive. With two days of instruction and in only a matter of months, they were able to use our system to transform their cold-press juicer into one of the top performing Kickstarter campaigns of its category. They got featured in the following media outlets, and more.


Can I get a sneak peek?

For those who want a taste, we’ve created a completely free overview of the course — just sign up for the free trial and you will get access to a 15 minute video that walks through the main teaching points of our course.

We don't mind giving some of these "secrets" away, as we believe the value of what we teach is not just the "what successful teams do", it is the step by step process we take you through and the support we provide that makes the full course truly valuable.

Who this is not for:

If you are not sure if you are ready to begin crowdfunding, don't spend your money yet. Pop over to our blog www.purplespread.com/blog and check out our in depth article on figuring out if crowdfunding is right for you AND what your goals should be when you get started. This may take you a few weeks to do really well - that's okay. Get it figured out and we will see you when you get back!

This is also not for those who want to do as little as possible. This is for the hard working and motivated entreprenuer who is willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears it will take to do this right. We will help you be extremely efficient, but you still have to put in the hard work.

Is this you - we hope not!

Who this is for:

It’s really simple. We’re looking to help those with great ideas and big ambitions, are willing to put in the work and time, but just don’t know what to do. Again, all you need is: 1. An idea that you believe in. 2. Commitment to taking action.

We literally take care of everything else. It is okay if:

Does the system guarantee I will successfully fund?

No. Nobody can guarantee success, I’d run away from them if they do. We’re not here to sell false hopes. We’re here to help you reach as high as you can possibly go.

What we will Guarantee

The Purple Guarantee: we’re extending a personal promise that the Purple Prep Blueprint program can help you achieve your funding goals. We’re offering you a 7 day full-refund guarantee, no questions asked. Try as much of the course as you like, you can even try to cram the entire thing in. If you’re not satisfied in any way, be it the content or service, you get your money back. We are that confident in what we’ve created.

If you decide to stay onboard after a week, and are convinced that we are the right partners to help you bring your idea to life, you will have access to the entire course and downloadable handbook for life. No tricks, no games — you have it forever.

What are my payment options?

"Before getting to know Purple Spread and Miss Holly Sharp, I knew very little about crowdfunding. I manage Shenzhen City, we have a lot of new, creative ideas, but needed to learn how to find interested users. Luckily I met Purple Spread and I was able to learn crowdfunding step by step. This course is well designed to take you from a blank slate to a colorful master. As a result, we were able to find investors! Thank you!!!"

Coddy Chen - Shenzhen Pudif Co, Ltd

Free Overview of the course

If you’re still deciding, we’ve created a sneak peak into the Purple Prep. Even if you don’t decide to move forward, you’ll learn a few critical things that may make a huge difference to your campaign.

Just sign up for the free trial and you will get access to a 15 minute video that walks through the main teaching points of our course.

Again, we don't mind giving some of these "secrets" away, as we believe the value of what we teach is not just the "what successful teams do", it is the step by step process we take you through and the personalized service we provide that makes the full course truly valuable.

We're hell bent on helping creators succeed

If you are still debating if crowdfunding is for you — please, save your money. We don’t want you to buy this program. Go to our blog www.purplespread.com/blog which has an a ton of completely free, high-quality resources to help teams figure out if crowdfunding is for them.

This course is a deep dive into how to do crowdfunding right for the people who are serious and ready to launch a top campaign. If you are here, you are committed to moving forward and need our insights and personal support.

Remember, Kickstarter released their statistics: at least 64% of crowdfunding campaigns fail. After all that time, energy, and love was poured into their project, they ended up with no funding because they didn’t do it right. They didn’t follow the pattern that all successful campaigns do. If you’ve got a project that will really change the world for the better, we do not want this to happen to you.

"This is a blueprint for success. We really needed a comprehensive breakdown on how to succeed with our upcoming crowdfunding efforts. We learned a ton and the the course even goes into detail on topics we would have never considered prior. Thank you so much for putting your hearts into this course, it was really a fantastic experience."

Joel Isaacs - Quebec Canada

Purple Spread

Purple Spread

Founders and Instructors

We are two entrepreneurs with extensive branding and design backgrounds who are passionate about helping makers launch epic ideas into the world. We created this course because believe that crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly relevant way for more and more people to bring new ideas to life. We wanted to help you do that by taking this overwhelming process and breaking it down so that it is easy to understand and inspiring to take on while not missing out on the critical details that separate the 30% of success stories from the 70% of misses.

Meet Holly:

"The Knife" of Purple Spread.
Half a decade of launching products for a Fortune 500 company made Holly realize something: she’s addicted to sending awesome shit into the world. She’s a purple spreading natural. Armed with a MBA and a ‘say no to me and you will die’ attitude, Holly believes that process, data, and great partners are necessary to take the good ideas to next level greatness. Oh and tools, lots and lots of tools!

Meet Rob:

The "Jam" of Purple Spread.

Rob can be found jumping between design, business, and technology at a dizzying pace. As an ex-brand director of a luxury fashion brand, he loves putting the customer in the limelight. When he’s not building bridges so that designers and business people can play nice, Rob badgers people to use both intuition and logic when making business decisions. Badgering includes eye-poking.

As mentioned - if it's not covered, we will dig into it! Email us at holly@purplespread.com

Course Includes

54 Videos

67 PDFs


8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Phase 6 - Go forth and create!